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OQ LabScope

Research & Development

The OQ LabScope enables researchers, innovators and educators to affordably access OCT’s powerful imaging capability. Starting at $9,995 the OQ LabScope delivers image performance OCT units costing 4x as much.

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OQ LabScope 2.0 /X

More speed for more image stability.

Our fastest OCT system delivers images 80,000 lines per second — that’s over 100 frames per second — making it ideal for capturing stable, non-invasive live sample images.

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What is OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)?

OCT, or, Optical Coherence Tomography has become the gold standard for eye disease imaging and diagnosis, allowing healthcare professionals to detect disease earlier — often before there is a single symptom. However, current OCT devices in the global market range in price from $35,000 to $150,000 — far too expensive for the many optometry practices who the bulk of U.S. patients rely on for their eye care needs.

OQ StrataScope

It’s OCT. Only deeper.

At 1310 you can image about twice as deeply as with our 840 nm OCT, the OQ LabScope. That means more imaging information from tissue including skin, bone, teeth and industrial samples such as silicon.

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Custom OCT Integrations

The light engine developed by Lumedica is compact, offers high-performance in image depth and resolution, and can be integrated into other devices and systems

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