About Lumedica

About our company

Lumedica is comprised of believers and builders of affordable healthcare technologies.With a proven track record in scientific innovation and product development, Lumedica creates affordable light-based scientific and medical instruments that deliver accurate diagnostic results. Leveraging off-the-shelf and custom imaging components, Lumedica is able to make diagnostic devices cheaper, more durably, and easier to disseminate. Our first initiative is building a novel, patented device to administer OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) technology — the gold standard for retinal imaging — to detect chronic, asymptomatic eye diseases. The company was founded in 2014 based on research conducted at Duke University’s BIOS Laboratory. Other technologies and innovations are in the development pipeline.

Dr. Adam Wax | President, Chief Scientist
Professor of Biomedical Engineering in the Pratt School of Duke University
Inventor of several technologies licensed to Lumedica.
Co-founder and board chairman at Oncoscope. Raised $11M+ in capital

Dr. William Brown | Chief Technology Officer
Co-founder of Bioptigen and Oncoscope
Completed two successful startup exits
Grew OCT revenue from 0 to $1.5M for Wasatch Photonics

Scott Whitney | Chief of Marketing
Twenty years of marketing, advertising and branding experience
Worked with HIMSS, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Spreemo and DataFirst
Experience in product development, sales strategy, web development, and UI design

Michael Crose | Director of Product Engineering
Experienced in mechanical design of optomechanical systems
Worked at Wasatch Photonics, BrightView, Centice, and GretagMacbeth
Proven track record of developing products from concept to manufacturing

Brian Cox | Software Developer
Expert in device software development and architecture
Deep experience in device and web-based coding languages
Fluent in healthcare-based IT challenges, parameters and restrictions

UNC Kittner Eye Center
Dr. J. Niklas Ulrich and his team of imaging technicians regularly use a series of ophthalmologic OCT systems in their practice. They are currently participating in early product tests, and allowing the Lumedica team to compare product features and image output with their existing OCT systems. Access to their facility is a crucial component in our research and development.

BioLabs NC
Lumedica was one of the first startups chosen to take up residence at BioLabs NC, a Durham-based scientific incubator that offers life science entrepreneurs affordable access to laboratory and office space, as well as its exclusive network of investors and advisors. This is an offshoot of the first BioLabs location in Kendall Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Duke University
Low-cost OCT was developed in Dr. Adam Wax’s research laboratory at Duke University.

Edmund Optics
Distribution Partner for OQ LabScope

European Distributor of the OQ PathScope and OQ Labscope.

Lumedica enjoys productive relationships with several specialized suppliers and component manufacturers in order to further develop OCT. These relationships as they are critical to our relentless quest for innovation.