For many in business, 2019 may feel like ten years ago. A lot has changed since the beginning of the Covid-19 global pandemic. However, Lumedica has continued to produce high-quality low-cost OCT for a variety of markets. Since October of 2019, Lumedica has partnered with OcuScience to make retinal imaging on animals a reality. This partnership has produced a record number of animal OCT systems in 2021.  

Lumedica OCT imaging systems are a core component in several OcuScience products. Lumedica systems come equipped with an ultra-high resolution of up to 2µm and a fast A-scan rate of 80,000 scans/second. OcuScience optimizes these systems to meet the demands of both busy veterinary clinics and productive research labs. 

The iVivo Vet-OCT is the size of a shoebox and mounted on wheels. This is an ideal set-up for mobile clinics and veterinarians who travel frequently. The handheld scanner has a working distance of approximately 2 cm and can capture anterior and posterior images of all sizes of eyes – from mouse to horse. The iVivo Funduscope for small animals saves ophthalmic research laboratories thousands of dollars by minimizing the need to sacrifice animal test subjects. This product fits Lumedica’s vision to decrease the cost of healthcare and prevent early blindness for more people. 

By partnering with OcuScience, Lumedica can make OCT imaging available to more scientists and contribute to the advancement of ophthalmic research around the globe. 

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