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Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography or SD-OCT uses light to image layers of a sample. OCT has many applications in life science research and industry. Lumedica's redesigned compact and affordable OCT engine makes OCT accessible to scientists.

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Capture more detail. Collect more data.


System size (w/d/h) 19 x 33 x 15 cm3
Scanner size  4.1 x 17.2 x 6.7 cm3
System weight 2.7 kg

The OQ Labscope is about the size of a shoebox, so it won’t crowd your laboratory — or require a special cart.

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OCT Scanner with Retinal Optics

OQ LabScope with retinal optics (for research-use only)

The LabScope can be customized to fit your specific objective.

See Customization Options


The OQ LabScope price is a fraction of any other OCT system. Now, finally, many researchers will be able to afford this technology.


The OQ Labscope generates 512 x 512 pixel images, matching the performance of OCT systems costing three times as much.

Easy to Use

Focus on science, not on setup. The software is simple to learn, so you can generate images straight out of the box.

Different OCT models for different goals.

The OQ series of LabScopes offer a range of performance options to support your scientific goals.
Let us help you determine which model fits your specific image objectives.

OQ LabScope 2.0 OQ LabScope 2.0/X OQ LabScope 2.0/R OQ LabScope 2.0/XR OQ LabScope 2.0/SX OQ StrataScope
Center Wavelength 840 nm 840nm 850 nm 850 nm 880 nm 1310 nm
Depth Resolution Air/Tissue 7/5μm  7/5μm 5/3μm 5/3μm 3/2μm 14/10μm
Transverse Resolution 18 μm 18 μm 18 μm 18 μm 18 μm 20 μm
Linear Scan Range 7 mm 7mm 7mm 7mm 7mm 7mm
A-Scan Line Rate 13,000/sec 40,000/sec 13,000/sec 40,000/sec 40,000/sec 18,000/sec
B-Scan Image Rate 20/sec 50/sec 20/sec 50/sec 50/sec 30/sec
Base Price $9,995 $19,995

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What are some ways to use OCT images?


Customize your system.

Workstation Package | $495
Monitor, mouse, keyboard and scanner stand
Portability Package | $995
Portable monitor, mouse keyboard, and Pelican® case
Scanner Stand | $195
Perform more stable scans, hands-free
Boroscope | $5,995
Integrate Scanner with Boroscope
High Speed Line Scan Upgrade | $995
Upgrade to 80,000 A-Scans per second (from /X)
Foot Pedal | $245
Foot-controlled image capture
Single High-Power Light Source | $1,950
15 mW SLD, for 2.0 and /X
Camera | $2,995
Integrate with visible camera and light source
Double High-Power Light Source | $3,250
Two 15 mW SLD's, for /R and /RX
Retina Optics (Research Only) | $2,995
Scanning optics to image the retina
Extended Depth Range | $2,995
930 nm center wavelength, available for /X only
Chin Rest | $1,995
Chin Rest for sample with stage for scanner
Microscope Objective Set | $1,995
4X: 5 mm linear, 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm volume
10X: 2.5 mm linear, 1.8 mm x 1.8 mm volume
40X: 1 mm linear, 0.7 mm x 0.7mm volume
1 Year Extended Labscope 2.0 Support & Service | $1,195
Extends the standard three-month support and service period to one full year.
1 Year Extended Labscope 2.0 /X /R /XR /SX Support & Service | $1,495
Extends the standard three-month support and service period to one full year.
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