See Deeper. With 1310nm.

Examine, monitor, and measure more with the new Lumedica OQ StrataScope. The OQ StrataScope images up to 4 mm below the surface. This OCT imaging system is ideal for tissue and industrial samples, including skin, bone, teeth, and silicon. It’s easy to use and quick to set up. At the size of a shoebox, it is portable and won’t crowd your bench or require a cart.


Precisely examine, monitor, and measure tissue structures. Non-destructively gauge product integrity.


At about the size of a shoe box, it is portable and won’t crowd your bench or require a cart.

Easy to use

The software is simple to operate and quick to set up. Easily connect to your network via built-in wifi.

It’s OCT. But Deeper

Depth Resolution 14μm in air

10μm in tissue

Imaging Depth 4.5 mm in tissue (maximum theoretical)
Transverse Resolution 20μm
Scan Range 7 mm linear

7x5x5 mm 3

A-Scan Rate 18,000/sec
B-Scan Rate 30/sec

Capture more detail. Collect more data.

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Pending FDA approval the OQ EyeScope will be available in early 2022.